Who We Are

Welcome to the Spiritual Dragonfly community! We are so excited to announce that our podcast will be launching this fall!

Our mission is to guide and support fellow members on the spiritual path to flow through their transformation and evolution with confidence and balance during these times of change ✨

What to expect:

✨Weekly episodes covering various spiritual topics.

✨Genuine and light-hearted conversations.

✨Tools & tips to help you stay connected to what really matters in YOUR life.

✨Access to a growing community meant to uplift and empower you.

✨A whole lot of love and compassion.

Looking forward to growing together! Until then, look out for our posts and see you in fall for the launch of our podcast!


Kerstin, Sandra &Toni

Recognize that the other person is you

Sometimes we can find difficulty in understanding why some people come into our lives or why we were born in a certain place or within a certain family. Sometimes we are so out of alignment with some of the people around us that we begin to question our very existence. Often, some of our deepest suffering stems from our feelings of disconnection from others.

But what if we could use these feelings of isolation to our advantage?

 What if we could find a way to recognize ourselves in others?

The spiritual path asks us to contemplate the way we view ourselves and our role within this world. To look within and figure out the answers to the many questions we ask ourselves in terms of our relationships, chosen or not.

When we learn to quiet our mind, we begin to recognize that we truly are one with all. Even with those who irritate us and with whom we find great difficulty seeing eye to eye. When we recognize ourselves in others, we are being called to bring awareness to certain behaviours that we dislike in them, and these might be shortcomings that we subconsciously hold within ourselves. Contrarily, when we notice the greatness in others, these are often qualities we hold within ourselves.

“We are more alike than different. We are one.”

– Efrat Cybulkiewicz

The sum of all of these difficult interactions can often be part of the self-healing process. If we can learn to let go of our misconceptions and embrace these learning opportunities we can forgive any wrong doings and see the other person for who they truly are, an extension of you.

Everyone you meet is your teacher.

Being YOU

Have you ever looked back at your life and realized how all of the pieces of the puzzle somehow miraculously fit together?  

How sometimes certain individuals or situations unexpectedly become part of your life with a specific purpose and then quickly disappear once the mission is accomplished?

Then as you look deeper you’re able to connect all of the dots and conclude that you truly are supported on your journey, even in those moments of doubt?

We have all experienced these feelings of helplessness, questioning and self-doubt at some point in our lives and yet if we take the time to listen and allow the Universe to guide us, we can realize that those instances and moments of hardship are an essential part of our growth and ultimately our journey.

Ideally, for those of us on the spiritual path, learning to welcome the unknown and the obstacles that come with it are a way to evolve and step into the nature of our true essence.

So this blog is dedicated to everyone who may be feeling lost or going through changes and to those who can relate to divine intervention.

Through the turbulences of life, always remember that there is a higher purpose and an opportunity for huge growth in a multitude of ways.

YOU are loved.

YOU are supported.

YOU are important.

YOU are needed.